Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Good Morning Baltimore

I am currently sitting on my floor, leaning on my bed, which has a pile of Halloween lights chilling on it. They were on clearance, but I have no idea where to put them. I also have a cold, and it's slightly difficult to hold my head up. And, I've also been eating way too much candy. I'm pretty sure I'm like half Twix bar at this point. Halloween was rather uneventful. I dressed up as Cheryl Blossom (duh), but we basically got no trick or treaters, so no one really saw my costume. XP

Once again, these were from the other day, but my lazy ass has just now gotten around to writing something. I'm gonna use the sick excuse this time.
Dress - Vintage  Boots - Target (a million years ago)  Flower - Michaels

The dress I'm wearing here was actually my sisters many years ago. It's vintage, and she got it at a thrift shop. I'm pretty sure it was like two dollars or something. The tag literally says 'Sears Roebuck'. I think it's probably from the sixties. I feel like I should be in Hairspray when I wear it. So very nice! Tacky retro Baltimore aesthetic is so me. I'm gonna stop talking about it, cause' I'm going to start missing the mid-Atlantic. I like Texas, but I definitely am an east coast girl. I don't think you can change that!

 Now, if you don't mind me, I'm going to be sitting in a corner, listening to 50s music, with very teased hair, missing soft pretzels.
I'm gonna go now, cause I kinda just want to lay down. On a side not, I can't believe it's already November! Like what? Crazy bruh, crazy. Anyway, I'm going. 


Thursday, October 26, 2017


Hey hey!
I actually took these the other day, but I kinda got busy with le life and le job, so I didn't get to uploading them till yesterday.

I know I've said this before, but I really love Riverdale! I know it is absolutely terrible teen trash, but it's very addictive. To be fair, I'm not the only one in my family that likes to watch visual garbage. My mom used to always watch Lifetime. If you've never seen a Lifetime movie, you honestly have no idea what you're missing. They are so incredibly horrendous, it's hysterical. They always seem to involve ladies stealing babies, stealing husbands, killing husbands, or in some cases, all of the above. And she was not the only one who watched terrible tv. My grandmother would watch workout videos whilst sitting on the couch eating ice cream, and my great-grandmother would watch soap operas everyday. All I'm saying is, I'm obviously predisposed to love horrible things! And seriously, Riverdale has it all. Cheesy romance, murder, musical numbers and dance offs! What else can you ask for?
          Lace Bodysuit - Target clearance  Red Cheer Skirt - Savers  White Jellies - Amazon

Anyway, the reason I'm saying all this is because, as with anything in life that has multiple characters, you inevitably have a favorite. And inevitably, (and obviously) my favorite is Cheryl. And it's not just cause' she has red hair (though that's probably like 65% why). She is just such an extra psycho, it's perfect. Also, I think the girl playing her, Madelaine Petsch, is v pretty, and I absolutely love her aesthetic. I'm gonna include a photo here for my mom, cause I know she has zero idea what I'm talking about!
Also, I hardcore ship her with Archie! Seriously, it's perfect.

Like I was saying, the day I took these, I was definitely going for a Cheryl Blossom vibe. Seriously, she freakin' wears red and black all the time, which is highkey my favorite color combo, as we've already established. I've nothing else to say except it's meant to be.
Thank you so much for reading! xoxo


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Me Before You


It seems the fonts are fine, although I still should probably update the blog, as it's been the same for months. I will have to get around to it, but I'll probably forget like 97 times before I actually do it!

Anyway, let talk about my fantabulous tights! I just bought them off of Amazon, because I am so very classy. I was inspired to purchase the black and yellow striped ones after Emilia Clarke's character Louisa in Me Before You. Like with every  movie I ever see,
I become like 85% my favorite character for the next several days after watching it, at least in my head! To be fair, I already feel like I'm like 60-70% Lou anyway. She dresses at least as terrible as I do! XD
(exhibit A) 
(exhibit B)
See, equally as ratchet as me! Though seriously, she was all like "they don't make bumblebee tights for adult women", like wtf, did she ever check Amazon? I know she's not a real person but still, it's kinda ridiculous. All in all, it was a pretty decent movie, aside from the incessant Ed Shearan playing, and the absolutely atrocious ending, in my opinion. But enough of my movie reviews, I shall put more pictures of what actually wore.
 Dress - Savers  Petty coat - Hot topic  Tights - Amazon  White Jellies - Amazon  Daisy hair clips - Forever 21
Side note, why do people always pose like this? Like, what are we checking for, gum stuck to the bottom of our shoes?
I will definitely be thinking up more crazy outfit combos featuring these tights! There is just so many ways to wear them. A must have for any lunatic's wardrobe! Also, they were only six bucks! Absolutely fabulous, amazing, stupendous! 
(not sure if that is supposed to be Barney The Dinosaur or Trump. XP)


Monday, October 9, 2017

Across The Universe

It once again has been an atrocious amount of time between posts. Apparently in my absence, all my fonts have been messed with. It now looks like this is from 2004, and I'm actually writing on Live Journal. Oh well, I probably should change the layout anyways.

To be quite honest, I have not been in the best of moods these past couple weeks.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017



God, it's been kinda a long time since I last posted anything. Honestly, half of it was just me being lazy, and wanting to go to the pool whenever I could. So I basically was in a bathing suit half the time for the past two months. Another reason is that it has been freakin' hot! My camera would literally over-heat in less than 5 minutes! Anyway, as the days are getting shorter, and hopefully a little cooler, I should be able to take more photos. On the plus side, not posting for like 2 months has allowed me to collect quite a few more pieces from thrift stores,