Friday, March 16, 2018

Boarding School Babydoll Girl Gang

Hi! (do you like the ridiculously long title?)
It finally seems to have turned a corner, and become warm and sunny! Muahaha. I swear, I'm like legitimately part lizard or something. I just like to sit around and sun myself.

Also, I just realized that I have been doing this for like a year. Not really sure if it's going anywhere, but hey, why not? I guess I will continue onward.

Anyways, this look was actually not complete till about 4pm, as I slept pretty late the day I took theses pictures, and was kinda just bumming around, not really doing anything. Also, I curled my hair, which I don't really do a lot, as I would like to have some hair attached to my head, and not all burnt off. Especially with the very ends. You see, I attempted to go white blonde a few years back, and my hair got incredibly damaged, and became even thinner and scraggly-er than before from, because of all the breakage. I honestly don't know how my hair didn't melt off. When I would wash it, my hair literally turned into this like helmet that I could not lift off my scalp. It was like Barbie hair, one big mass that was glued to my head. Thankfully, most of that has been trimmed off by now. Except the very ends, which were originally my roots, that at one point were, no joke, Elsa blonde. Anyways, they aren't weird and melty anymore, just tangled. But still, I try to avoid using heat most of the time. Also, I'm lazy.

Wow, that was a long tangent. All that being said, the look I was kinda going for was like 90s boarding school type vibes. Both the fabulous boots and skirt are from Savers. The boots are Laredo, and of course are amazing! I know I already have red boots, but those are more of a cowboy boot, and these are like lace-up, turn of the century lady aesthetic. But like a sassy turn of the century lady, since they're red. In any event, they're cute. The skirt, which is also amazing, is originally from H&M. It's high-waisted, which I love, but it's roomy, so it's not squishing my guts. Also, it's not too short. At least for me. But I'm kinda short so, that's not saying much for length.
The shirt I got at Forever 21. I didn't really have anything like it, and it was pretty cheap. All in all, I felt quite snazzy.

Top - Forever 21  Cardigan - hand-me-down  Skirt - Savers  Boots - Savers
Blah blah blah, I have to go now! byebye


Monday, March 12, 2018

Lady Bird (and a fab thrift find)


I honestly have no clue what kind of vibe I was going for with this outfit. Like, it's kinda seventies, eighties and nineties all at once. When in doubt, just put on random, weird scraps of clothing, and call it an aesthetic. I think that's what I did here. Also, I kinda look like princess Jasmine or something. Or maybe I Dream Of Jeannie. I don't know. 
Tie dye crop top - Savers  Rust high waisted pants - Savers  Purple Jellies - Forever 21

The shirt I'm wearing, I actually almost bought at Forever 21 a few months back. But it was like 18 dollars, and it was only half a shirt! So I was like "nah". Well, a few months later, I was, of course, at Savers, and I saw it. This time however, it was $2.99! Much more appropriate of a price considering its size. Normally, I probably wouldn't wear a top this tiny, unless it was blazing outside, but it was so cute and tie-dyed! I feel it will be much more suited to the summer, but who wants to wait that long? Another fabulous find in this outfit were the shoes. I was casually looking on Forever 21's website, as one does, and I came across these jellies. They were on sale, and then there was like an additional 30 percent off clearance stuff, AND free shipping! So, they ended up being only 6 bucks! I got purple, but there was also pink and blue. They only had the smallest size left, but luckily, I'm short and have pretty little feet, so it was cool. I kinda want to see if they still have the other colors, but they probably don't. But I feel like buying all three colors at once was a bit too extra, even for moi.
Can you see my rad band-aid? I kinda didn't realize I was wearing it and then was like "oh".
 Also, as you may see from the above photo, there was a TON of wasps! They always fly straight towards me, especially when I took these. I think maybe it was the flowers in my hair. I did you the wonderful favor of circling it below, in case it wasn't obvious enough.

Here are some more photos of me, hiding from wasps.
 Image one: le me, casually glancing over at the very obnoxious buzzing.
 Image Two: le me, upon realizing it was a wasp. You may notice its shadow on the siding near my shoulder.
Image Three: le me, slightly horrified, as it proceeded to fly closer.

It flew to the fence though, so I didn't die.
le me, trying to find a guy that isn't a fuckboi.
Anyways, I shall leave you now. I'm kinda hungry. 

Oh, one more thing. I'm currently, like as of last night, obsessed with all things 80s. I honestly don't even know where that came from. But hey, I'm a slave to the aesthetic.
Also, the aesthetic in Lady Bird. I wasn't a particular fan of that movie, but the colors and vibes and stuff were nice. Slightly disappointed, but eh.


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Sleep, Angry Beauty


Look, it hasn't been seven years since my last post! Haha, look at me, so on top of my game. Nah. 

Well, if you read my last post, you may remember me mentioning that I was obsessed with a certain type of sneakers. As you can see in the photo above, I mysteriously acquired said shoes. And by mysteriously acquired, I mean of course that I went to DSW and bought more shoes, that I don't remotely need. Oops. Seriously, though, humans are so odd. We give hours of our life away, so we can get random scraps of materials to cover certain parts of our bodies, to show what kind of human we are. It's so weird! Oh also, I, of course, forgot once again to take up close shots of the shoes. Well, I can't say I'm remotely surprised at myself. 

Also, another odd thing. You are reading this as one continuous post, but in reality, every sentence or two is spaced out by a long pause of me, laying my head down, half trying to think of what to write, half lowkey napping. 

If I was writing how it actually goes, it would more be like this.

Just like this.

All jacked up. Weird and pause-y.                     Not remotely cohesive.

Why is this sentence all the way over here?                                                                            

                                                                                                                        No idea.
Anyway, I will show the pictures now, as I'm pretty sure you are not here to read funky sentence structure. But who knows, right?
 Dress - The Ragged Priest  Shirt - Savers  Tights - Old Navy  Sneakers - Adidas  Backpack -Target
 I actually got this dress on clearance on Dolls Kill. I just loved the stark contrast of the light pink with the red. I thought it kinda looked like a tennis dress or something, and I didn't have anything remotely like it. It would especially look cute with a pair or Minnie Mouse ears, preferably in front of Cinderella's castle, or somewhere in Fantasy Land. Maybe that's just me. But seriously, wouldn't it look fantastic?
 Also, my furry backpack goes perfectly with my dress. The bag was actually a Christmas present from one of my sisters. I literally wear it all the time, even when it doesn't remotely match. It looks like I'm wearing a freakin' Muppet on my back.
le me, pretending I'm in a Marc Jacobs ad
I thought I looked like a robot in this, so I felt the need to share it.
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my ridiculousness. I don't actually know if I have any current obsessions, besides the ones I shared last time, expect maybe watching abandoned exploring videos on Youtube. Yeah, definitely watching abandoned exploring videos. Considering I stayed up till one in the morning last night, after coming back from work late, watching them. God, do you see what I mean by ridiculousness.

Also, final note. Why is "God Help The Outcasts" from Hunchback such a good song? Like, seriously? I feel like the slightly older Disney movies had better songs. 

Sorry, I'll go now.