Sunday, April 30, 2017

My Mother Circa 1989

I was actually going to write this post last night, but I was stressed. So instead, I just laid on my bed and listened to Snow Patrol. Very priorities, such responsibilities, many negligence, wow.
Anyway, here is what I wore yesterday. My mom said it was very her circa 1989! What can I say,
I'm just a fashion plate! (side note, what exactly is a fashion plate?) I recently bought the shirt at Savers (gee, there's a shock), and since it was kinda long, the obvious thing to do was wear it as a dress. So I figured I would run with the whole 80s/90s thing, and wore my hair in my "90s Grungy Lolita' style (link here if you are interested 90s Grungy Lolita Hair Tutorial).
I completed the outfit with my sisters leggings (haha), my very beat Converse, and my weird sunglasses which kinda make me look like a hippie bug.
         Shirt - Savers  Leggings - Boutique La Soeur  Converse - Journeys  Sunglasses - Five Below 
Apparently, Wellen is some kind of surfer brand. I've personally never heard of it.
                                                                    Weird Bug Sunglasses.
I got the supplies for the DIY I mentioned before, so I will probably do that soon. And I still have to figure out how to style the "Count Olaf Acting Troupe Dress". I'm really stuck on shoes! I feel like nothing I have quite goes with it. But it's so cool! Alas, I will find a way!
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Galaxy Chic Palette First Impression and Swatches


This post is a little different. I recently bought a beautiful eyeshadow palette, and it was seriously too pretty to not acknowledge! So I thought, mayhaps I could do a first impression! I personally had never seen this palette before, though upon further investigation it appears to have existed since at least 2013 (but considering that my first time in an Ulta was only a couple of months ago, that's really not that surprising). I actually found it right before I was going to leave, on one of the end caps. There was a small section of BH cosmetics, and this immediately grabbed my attention! It was $16.50, which is personally more then I usually spend on makeup (I'm kinda cheap), but I was also aware that that was actually not a bad price for an 18 shade palette. In the end, I obviously bought it. The colors were just too pretty, and they were baked shadows, which is my personal favorite. I know some people love matte, but for me, if it doesn't have any shimmer/sparkle/shine, why am I wearing it? Same goes for color. Bright orange and blue isn't for everyone, but I love it! There was a very similar palette, also by BH cosmetics, that was called Supernova. It too had 18 baked shades, but they were more of the muted, neutral variety. Very pretty, but not quite my cup of tea. I mean, look at how beautiful the colors are!
 There are still a lot of "wearable" (wtf does that even mean?) shades, but there are also very majestic ones, like Venus and Electra!
    A close up view. As you can see, some of the colors are actually several shades swirled together!
And here are the swatches!
(Left to right) Sun, Jupiter, Prometheus, Aphrodite, Milky Way, Cosmic, Saturn, Venus, Meteor,
Comet, Earth, Neptune, Mercury
                                    (Left to right) Mars, Asteroid, Electra, Moon, Pluto
    BH Cosmetics is also a cruelty free brand, and some of their products are vegan (including this palette, and their other baked shadow palettes.) The pigmentation is very nice, though I noticed that some of the single color shades had a little fallout (vs. the ones with multiple colors/shades swirled together, which had basically zero fallout). Only a few had that problem, and it really wasn't that big of a deal. The packaging is paper, and it comes with a decent sized mirror, but not a brush. I personally would have liked if it included a brush, though most people who wear makeup probably already have a bunch!
You can see me in the mirror. o.O I guess I'm not a vampire.
All in all, I would definitely recommend it! The price is not bad ($16.50 at Ulta) and the payoff is good. There are 18 different colors, each with a cool name, and they are decent sized. The packaging is pretty, isn't flimsy, and includes a mirror, though once again, I would have liked a brush.
I'm going to give it a 4 out of 5 stars!
Thank you so much for reading! I would love to know what kind of makeup you like!?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Snow White Queen

 I seriously need to start taking my medication after I write my blog posts. I've literally been sitting here trying to figure out what to type, but I start getting tired and want to go to sleep! I keep trying to remind myself to take it later, but I have atrocious short-term memory!
Whatever. We shall talk of more important things, like my shirt.
 As you will see from the below pictures, it is awesome! Do you see what I meant when I said Medieval Wench meets Amy Lee? I've recently been listening to a lot of Evanescence, so much so that I've even had (very brief) impulses to dye my hair black! I know it probably would look terrible though, so I'm not going to do that. But I can imagine!
Shirt - Savers  Pants - Old Navy  Shoes - Amazon
My sister is actually the one who found the shirt at Savers. She handed it to me when I was in the dressing room, and I loved it! It fits me perfectly, and is not too long, but not too short! And it's velvet! Or maybe it's velveteen, I'm not really sure what the difference is.
Amy Lee goodness!

Me, looking like I have an attitude problem, which I might.

Thank you so much for reading! I really, really, really appreciate it! XOXO

Sunday, April 23, 2017

I'm Tired and it's Late

I'm trying to get myself to write something, but I'm so freakin' sleepy, it's kinda difficult.
I recently bought a couple of things at Savers, but I haven't figured out what to pair the said items with. Especially one of the said items. My sister and I have aptly named it "The Count Olaf Acting Troupe Dress". It sounds weird, and it kinda looks weird, but in a good way. At least in my opinion.
I will have to think of a nice way to showcase it.
Shirt - Hand me down  Scarf - Hand me down  Skirt - Goodwill  Boots - Goodwill

It's supposed to be warmer this week, so I should be able to wear some of the new stuff I got (including, but not limited to, "The Count Olaf Acting Troupe Dress"). Oh, also, "The Medieval Wench/Amy Lee circa 2004 Top". So many promising pieces!
P.S. I may have an idea for a DIY! It's something I attempted many moons ago, but it didn't turn out. I'm hoping that a few years will have given me slightly sharper planning/motor skills.  I'm gonna need  to gather some supplies, but I think it could work. o.O 

P.P.S I hope it's okay I don't usually talk in depth about what I'm wearing in the photos. I just feel they are pretty self-explanatory, and continuously stating that I like to wear high-waisted skirts with boots or something is just redundant. They are simply meant as ideas to help aid someone in putting together an outfit. Whether it be what silhouettes (in my opinion) go nicely together or a (hopefully) interesting and unique color combo. Or maybe, even if it's just a little bit, they will help you feel more confidant to wear what you really love! That's all I really want from this, to help people wear what they like, irregardless if it's what's considered "cool" or "trendy or "sexy". Not to be blunt, but I honestly don't give a shit if someone thinks I dress weird! I dress the way I want, and that's all that matters.

Left field motivational speech aside, thanks for reading this!